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Intuit Link Messenger

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Intuit Link Messenger


Up until the 2020 Tax Year on the Intuit Link our clients were able to message us if they had a question to a request we posted to their account. This feature is no longer available and was such a convenient way for us to communicate with our clients without them having to call or email us. Our firm would really much appreciate it if this feature was reinstated into the link again, this would really be beneficial especially due to the current conditions.


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Level 14
Level 14

It is still working for me, have you updated 

New Member

We have, we can email the client but not message them, it use to have a message button that was located in each request box where the client was able to send us a message and it would show up in that request box on their request list.

Level 2

This two way communication is needed and should not have been removed. what happened to collaboration ?

Level 2

Agreed! This was great feature!

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