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SCHEDULE D - A pain compared to prior years

Tax Man Tan
Level 4

In previous years when I had stock sales it was pretty easy to pop into the schedule D, enter the sales in the condensed entry table, and you were done. In the 2020 version I have to go to a 1099-B worksheet with a table that is absolute trash compared to the old one. I imagine I'm not alone in thinking this new entry method sucks compared to the former method. I'm sure I cannot revert this year, but any possibility of having it changed back next year?


Overall, I am completely displeased with 2020 proseries. More so than any year so far! 

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Level 2

It wasn't broken and they felt a need to fix it anyway.

Tax Man Tan
Level 4

Maybe they want us to think they are updating the system....unfortunately the update SUCKS!!!! So does the new find function form the home screen! UGHHH. Cmon Intuit!

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