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Purchased ProSeries Basic, wants to charge for each return, cannot get help

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Cannot file due to being asked to pay for each return.  I purchased ProSeries Basic not getting 50 returns filed for free.  This is very frustrating.

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Level 15
Level 15

Did you download and are using Professional by mistake (which would be PPR)?   

If your toolbar looks like this, youre using Professional, not Basic.



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I'm dealing with the exact same problem, and not getting the needed support. First i spent 30min with CS who couldn't fix the problem, transferred me to tech. I was put on hold for another 45min and the moment the agent got on the phone, it got disconnected, and he didn't bother to call back. Now i'm back on the phone waiting, this is frustrating and as a new customer, i'm so disappointed at Intuit, the level of CS is unaceptable

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Intuit support can often be summed up in one word - sucks.  They direct you to this site where a lot of problems can get solved without calling support, but this isn't one of those problems.

Slava Ukraini!
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