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Is there a limit to the number of questions that I can add to the default questionnaire in IntuitLink?

Level 2

I spent a lot of time adding questions to the default questionnaire in ProConnect's IntuitLink and after I clicked Save and went to the main menu, it was back down to 15 questions.  Is there a limit to how many we can add or is it possible that it didn't save because my login timed out?

Thank you!

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If there's a limit, Intuit surely didn't advertise it.  But you can definitely have more than 15.

If you got logged off, the ProConnect screen must have been inactive for quite a while.  I'd hit the Save button periodically, just to make sure the template is updated with the latest changes, especially if I were multitasking.

Edit: Just did a quick experiment that the template can accommodate more than 15 questions.

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I think it was just a time out issue.  I repeated all of my work, saving after each question that I added in order to find out if there was a limit or not.  If there is one, I never reached it as I was able to add all of the questions and successfully save them this time.  I stopped at 64 questions, in case people are wondering...