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Lacerte REP 2020 Billing System Improvements

Travis H

Starting in November 2020, you will see a large upgrade to the Lacerte monthly REP per-return billing system. This is designed to improve your experience by providing better security, stability, ease of use, and consistency. The transition to this upgraded, streamlined experience is automatic. No action is needed from you.


Our transition to the new REP Billing system is in progress, therefore you will not receive a December 2020 REP Statement.

  • If you have not made full payment on your November 8th REP statement, click here to submit a payment to enable conversion to the new billing system.
  • If you have a credit balance on your REP account, a refund will be issued in early 2021.

What’s not changing:

  • How you obtain REP access in the Lacerte program
  • Statement delivery options and your current preferences remain the same – eStatements and paper statements
  • Current payment options for your monthly REP statement and your preferences remain the same (My Account, Auto-Pay, paper checks, speak with an agent)

What’s changing:

  • Consistent Monthly Billing cycle on the 5th of each month for usage thru the 4th for all customers (Example: usage from August 5th to September 4th would be billed on the 5th)
  • Due date will be 30 days from statement date (currently 25 days)
  • AutoPay balances will be re-calculated upon the payment process date, eliminating duplicate payments 
  • AutoPay customers payment date will be processed 15 days from the statement date (currently 14 days)
  • If your current account balance is $0.00, any credits resulting from transaction adjustments will be automatically refunded
  • My Account transactions and payments in 2 separate tabs, making it easier to review
  • Locked accounts will require payment of all outstanding balances, including the most recent statement balance due for REP access to resume
  • Your eStatement via My Account will look different but contain the same information but in a cleaner format

What do I need to do?

To ensure your account is upgraded to the new billing system, note that you will need to pay your November 8, 2020 REP statement by the due date of December 3, 2020. This is a one-time exception to the 30 day due date as we move all customers over to the new billing system.

Conversion FAQs

When will I receive my 1st REP statement from the new billing system?

Converted customers who paid their November 2020 statement balance in full will receive future REP statements from the new billing system starting in January.

What do I need to do if I am locked out of and unable to access my software?

Please pay your outstanding REP balance on your January statement. To avoid delays, sign in to My Account.

Why did I receive a refund check?

In order to successfully convert some customers, we are refunding your credit balance to close out the old REP billing account and transferred the REP transactions to the new billing system. Please refer to your next REP billing statement for your current REP balance, and pay the amount indicated.  

Why does my current REP statement show transactions previously billed?

 To convert your account from the old billing system we transferred all the unbilled transactions to the new system. We are issuing a credit for all unbilled transactions in the old system. Please refer to your REP billing statement for your current REP balance, and pay the amount indicated.

Where is my REP credit?

 If you had a credit balance in the old billing system we are currently working on processing a refund for you to receive in February. You may be re-charged for the same transactions in the new billing system we are refunding to you. Therefore, please do not reduce your payment on your next REP bill by the credit balance we are refunding.


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Travis H

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