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Include Wash Sales in Schedule D Import Wizard

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Include Wash Sales in Schedule D Import Wizard


The sort of client who generates a lot of transactions on Form 1099-B also tends to generate a lot of wash sales. While Tax Scan and Import includes wash sales, the older Schedule D Import Wizard does not.

Thank you!

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SCHEDULE D IMPORT is a valued feature for the program rather than your connect direct to the broker choice.  I've used this for year and was happy to see that Wash Sales are shown as a Column in the interactive screen 17.1.  HOWEVER, now I have to import Wash Sales to Expenses then move them over.  I have clients with multiple brokerage 1099B forms for which we get excel on (or do that inhouse).  I've spent days on this for several clients.  Please add Wash Sales as a IMPORT CHOICE to this Schedule D Tool.

Thank you - a Lacerte user since 1990.


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Yes, surprising that an expensive tax program does have a column on the schedule D import wizard

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I would also like to be able to import long term vs short term. The program does not pick up the correct classification when stock sales are listed as various dates. 

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YES!  Of course I have been asking for this for many many years now.  The ONLY workaround as suggested above is to treat wash sales as expense of sale, then manually move each one (easier to enlarge the screen, then there is a declining balance of expense as you move each to wash).  This came in a few years ago after one of my many requests, so I also retorted back that nobody reports costs of sale anymore, all the brokerages report as net.  So who made the decision at Lacerte to add this instead of a column for wash sales?  No answer back after all these years.  Clueless@Lacerte.

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