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Form 8858 in individual module

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Form 8858 in individual module


When a client inherits the family farm back in the old country (held in an LLC), we like to avoid having them deal with the complexity of Form 5471, Subpart F, and GILTI. But Form 8858 isn't in the individual module, so we end up doing these in fillable PDFs outside of the program.

Thank you for considering this!

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Returning Member

I agree. Form 8858 should be in the individual module.


I was so surprised to see that Form 8858 is not part of the Lacerte's individual tax module!


Level 1

When will this form be available in the Individual ProSeries module?

Level 1

Does Intuit care about me as a customer? 5 years and no form 8858 in the Individual module?

Level 15


No, they don't seem to care about any of us.

Level 15

But they 'do' care about our credit cards/debit cards/checks for payment 🙂

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