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Level 3

Anyone else having issues with Quick Employer Forms SSN/EIN field not working?  The numbers have to be put in one at a time, backspace, add another, backspace, etc. in order to get all the numbers in.  Then when you tab to the confirm number block, it's the same thing or after you've put it in, it disappears.  I have been fighting with this to get my client W2's done and was intending to knock out the 1099's this weekend, but this is taking me 3 times as long to get just one done.  I called Lacerte support and they walked me through cleaning my browser data, etc. and no luck.  They had a manager watch me onscreen and then they indicated it's a known problem, they have had other complaints and they don't know when it will get fixed.  Great!  My clients are yelling for their W2's.  Has anyone found a fix for this?  I am going to have to find another carrier that I can efile under just so I can get this done.  AND I will be asking Lacerte to discount their exorbitant price for this worthless add on.  

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