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Lacerte_AV.cfg file showing up in folder - UPDATED

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Previous thread is locked - Probably due to Intuit not wanting to admit to the issue and wanting to rug-sweep it. (https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/lacerte-tax-discussions/discussion/what-is-lacerte-av-cfg/00...)


Lacerte "help/support" stated that "Lacerte does not create this file, it must be your AV software. Files are not created outside of install directory"

This is false, clearly in the previous post (going back almost 3 years) it is noted by several people that this does in fact happen within Lacerte directories as well as others. This has been an issue for at least 3 years with zero reasoning or fixes available (other than deleting).

There are several AV software programs listed: MS Security Essentials, Kapersky, ESET Security, as well as adding our own software Sophos Intercept to the list. There is no possible way that each of these, entirely different AV software installations, create the SAME exact file name with the SAME exact wording, for Lacerte ONLY, and no other program.

While ultimately this file is benign and can be deleted each/every time it appears, Intuit fails in explaining the issue, why it happens, and what can be done to prevent it.

Also, the phone tree recording cuts off mid sentence and states that it did not hear you or you didnt press a button. Then it starts again, gets cut off, repeats endlessly, until you press a number(s) to go somewhere unknown and have to have the rep transfer you to the appropriate support avenue.

The rep was friendly and took a little extra effort to attempt some research. Have never had an unfriendly encounter with Lacerte support staff, just frustrating to not have definitive answers.



Spoke with another rep shortly after this post. Turns out this is a rare issue to be noted/reported. It looks to be a collaborative issue between whichever AV software you have AND Lacerte. It does not appear to be exclusive to either, and does not happen all the time. This file was in fact present in each year/installation of Lacerte on the support persons work PC. 

As this is seemingly rare, there is little to explain what causes the issue or why. However, don't panic about this file, it is benign and can be deleted or kept without issue.

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