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It would be more efficient for all to have different levels of customer support based upon experience level of preparer.

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Experienced Lacerte users (e.g. more than 10-20 years) should have access to more experienced technical support persons.  This could be in the form of a special number or special code when calling.

Experienced Lacerte users  have different support needs then newer users.  Experienced users tend to have questions about specific items or quirks in the software, rather than basic uses.  Many times I can tell if the tech support person will be able to assist based upon the first 2-3 questions asked.  If the support person is inexperienced with more technical issues, much time can be wasted just explaining the situation to them. Or worse explaining to them how the software works.


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I agree. I have used Lacerte as long as it has been a product.  I am now teaching the first level of tech support.  That's wrong.  Also, the tech I am now on hold with must have just woke up!!  I am in my 65th minute and bored so I am looking at these posts.  Disappointing.  The good news is that if you get to the right person they are geniuses.  Also, Lacerte, many of us work on the west coast and a 5:00 close time is when I am still seeing clients.

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I agree that the right persons are geniuses.  They seem to instantly identify the problem. Sure do appreciate it when one of those persons are on the phone.

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I have been with Lacerte for 25 years and  i can tell the help support has got worse...Some tech people cant help with simple questions...What the hell is going on with all the money we pay and their prices go up every year........

I agree that I seem to know more than many of the technical support people that answer and they waste hours of my time.  I need a credit for my loss in hours as I pay a lot for quality service as well as the software!


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So many of the technical support people are obviously new and not helpful.  It is very frustrating when I need immediate help!  I have pretty much given up on using phone support.

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I have been a user for 34 years and have made this suggestion for at least 10 years.  To quote Mr. Spock, "That is logical."

SDM & Dean,

The hold times now are also way too long and it is making me rethink paying so much money to Lacerte as one of their strong points was their technical support and diagnostics.



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I agree - I have used Lacerte for 25 years and I find it insulting when a newbie is put on the phone and, as others have said, I have to teach them.

We pay dearly for this product - PLEASE show us the respect we deserve!


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COMPLETELY AGREE.  I usually get some rocky on the phone and get so frustrated as I teach them how to use the program!!!!!

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Completely agree, I, too, teach them about the product after 25+ years of using Lacerte. 

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AGREED!!!  25 years and still the customer support is in the bottom of the pile. 3 phone calls, asking the same questions, got 3 different answers. I solved the issue on my own. Very expensive software with  very weak support.

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I remember the first few years of Lacerte.  The big selling point was great customer support.  While the support quality has been steadily declining over the decades, it totally crashed when Intuit took over.  Even the call-back feature, which states that you will not lose your place in line, does not occur until much, much later.  I may call at 1:00 PM and get a call back after 5:00 PM.

I have been a client of Lacerte now for over 30 years and despite the technical support declining, I have never had such long (sometimes 3 hours) of wait time and a few days of call back time (and still not have issues resolved) as well as terrible support until the last two years.  Due to the Pandemic, I had not had time to try out other programs.  They nickle and dime us and do not care about our time as we lose billable hours.  Right now I am upset as I wonder how secure their files reallly are. I will not discuss online. Still waiting for resolution!

Level 2

Totally agree!

Level 1

Escalated my call to the manager and was told I would receive a call back in 24 to 48 hours.  Never heard from anybody!

That has happened to me also.  Not right after all we pay.  I guess Turbo Tax is their priority.


Level 2

Amen to that!  That is why I almost switched to Drake but their Lacerte conversion was horrific.  Had to come back to Lacerte!

Level 2

100% agree with this!  My experience with Lacerte is over 30 years.  I have wasted hours and hours on calls with these inexperienced agents recently without getting any solution.  It is really frustrating and then sometimes one loses patience. 

I've reached a point where I'm thinking that if I want to have peace of mind, stay away from contacting Lacerte, or for that reason, any Intuit tech support!  Because calling the regular tech support is not really useful and if anything, it is just going to intensify the problems!

May be it's time to change the vendor as I'm using Intuit products across the board...

Level 2

Call your Lacerte rep to see if you qualify for a different level of service.  There is a different level and a different phone number to call and I think its based upon your level of subscription to Lacerte and the products purchased.  I didn't know about it until a few months ago and I've been using Lacerte since the 90's.  

Thank you CMS for letting us know. But they should be letting us know about this different level of service. I am not happy with Lacerte and still do not have time to try out other programs.


Level 7

As complicated as taxes are right now, if you really knew this stuff in and out, would you be working for Intuit or out like us making real money?

Level 1

I agree. I often will find workarounds simply not to waste time. I also feel that support should be billed differently for different needs. After 25 years, I am subsidizing new users and not happy about it.

Level 1

I totally agree, especially since an unexperienced newbe lost a whole year's + of saved DMS documents that could not be retrieved.  Would have saved Lacerte the $1,100 I received as compensation that did not even come close to my time and out-of-pocket cost.

Level 1

We have been with Lacerte since the 1990's.

I have been asking for dedicated technicians for experienced customers to be connected to for years.  I have been so frustrated during the Pandemic that we were ready to switch providers.

The new system on the phone also ends up connecting you to the wrong department many times.

I will now hang up on a person who tells me they know certain things and clearly don't.  I wasted an hour on Wednesday with a person who said she'd escalate the issue, got disconnected and never called me back.

These new technicians DO NOT CARE and do not have sufficient training.  

There should also be experienced people assigned to the complicated state returns like New York and California.

Level 15

@FrustratedinNJ I agree support can be terrible, but:

How often do you need it?

Do you honestly think it will  be better with another software company?

Level 1

If we are all paying the same Buggati Veryon price for the user end product, why don't we receive competent support techs?  Agree that there are some terrific tech support agents, but getting to them can be extremely frustrating - especially with having to meet filing deadlines! If there are different levels of support based on the subscription price, users should be advised and given the choice.  This is NOT rocket science!

Level 1

When you get lucky enough to get right person they are geniuses. Unfortunately too often we know more than support and that's disappointing when paying a premium.  Show us you care about our long-term loyalty to your product by providing us long-term users with the support we deserve.

Level 1

I too have been using Lacerte for many years (over20)  and it is an insult when the support person says, let me log into your computer to see the problem..  The support has been terrible the last few years and makes me think of changing programs.  Very frustrating when we  pay a very high price for price year after year. 

I ended up getting someone very nice that only had been with Intuit for 2 months and never used Intuit Link.  After wasting my time, she finally forwarded me to someone that knew what they were doing.  Over 3.25 hours wasted today that I should bill Lacerte. I doubt it if I will stay with them next year. How dare they nickle and dime me and not value my time and charge my credit card in October for a program that still did not have forms out and their Intuit Link was still not working. I had to proforma all my clients over and even the ones that I did not want to keep as I did not have time to select what I needed again. I am so unhappy with how I had to beg to get a level 4 support to help me. There is still no notification for this Intuit Link issues they are having and what you have to do to send a client a link.  I should bill Lacerte for the time they wasted of mine since they do not value me for my time.

Exactly!  I have spent hours explaining/waiting on a simple answer regarding the software or a form issue/problem/glitch.

Level 2

Been noticing bugs in some of the more technical areas of returns.  For example, a 1031 exchange using the two schedule approach doesn't work.  The assets from the old property get duplicated into new asset numbers in the same property instead of the new property acquuired.  The get separate asset numbers so I tried to switch them over to the new property, but when you go in to find that asset number, it doesn't appear on the listing.  

Now on the phone for an hour about the k-1 inputting for an individual return.  10 K-1s, three different states.  In March this wasn't an issue, it worked.  Now when I go to the tab at the top to designate the State, it switches all the K-1s to that state.  THIS IS DEFINITELY A BUG but the person I contacted tried to tell me this is how the program works for 2021.  Crock of sh...... This person refused to get help from anyone else and said I had no recourse.  

I am also a long time Lacerte user.  Their technical support has been going down, and prices going up.  Very frustrating. 

Level 2

Addendum to my comment, the person with whom I am now working reached out to the development team and she's doing a great job to try to resolve the issue.