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2020 Lacerte DMS

Level 2

Is anyone else having problems with loading the 2020 DMS program?

I have spent close to 9 hours on the phone with tech support in the last two days and there seems to

be several issues:

1. New TY20 Folders will not add

2. In attempting to add the TY20 folders, not only do they not add but the program also deletes any documents you have in the TY19 Folders.

3. The tech tried to fix the issue, but it appears that the program just sucks!

4. He said he hopes that someone is working on a fix, however he does not know for sure.

There seem to be lots of offers to buy additional Lacerte services, however I would rather they just fix the program as it stands and stop trying to add new BS that I really don't need!

Comments please!



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