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The following diagnostic is generating: Taxpayer's name is being truncated in the e-file. The IRS may delay the posting of the taxpayer's return. Why is this now a critical diagnostic warning? Last year it was informational.

I just got off the phone with Lacerte, In order to clear the Critical Diagnostic regarding the Tax Payer's name, They told me to only use the first 4 or 5 letters of their first and last name. 

I did the way that the Lacerte agent told me to, I tried to Efile, but doesn't agree with the database, then I basically played around with Client's first name and last name and eliminated the middle Initial, It finally went through after almost 6 attempts. 

So good Luck, the key is to keep the first 4 letters of the first or last name. 

Thanks for this & welcome to the community!

I was able to find more information on this.
2021 IND US Diagnostic Ref. 4557 Generating in Error--

This unexpected behavior has been addressed in a program update available September 27, 2022 (Version 42.0927) 

See the help article: Downloading and installing Lacerte updates 

@jakeisawesome What were you doing before? 

Doesn't truncate mean chop off at the end? Of course the first 4, at least, letters would be kept.

@IntuitGabi  we perform the suggested update and continue with the critical diagnosis

@jakeisawesome @sjrcpa @Car10126 We were experiencing all the same issues, I spoke with support yesterday, they do not know why the issue is persisting but they suggested disabling the efile diagnostic error checking:


it worked for us!