Installing Lacerte

To get you up and running quickly we have created a few articles and videos to walk you through installation.

Program and Firm Setup

These videos will walk you through the important steps to get Lacerte setup for your firm. From customizing displays, setting up letters and invoicing, appointments and getting prior year data into the current years product, these videos will get you up and running in Lacerte.

Getting Started with Lacerte

In these courses we will show you how to utilize Lacerte's diverse navigation and input capabilities to best fit the way you prepare tax returns. You will also learn about time-saving input features and how Lacerte's review and print functionality can streamline the entire process.

Lacerte: EF Atlas

A wealth of useful Federal and State e-File information at your fingertips designed for speed and ease of use.

Increasing Your Productivity in Lacerte

By the end of these videos, you should have several tips and shortcuts that you can begin to implement immediately to save you data entry time and unleash the power of Lacerte. You should be able to increase your productivity by using features designed to: streamline the process of accessing vital client information; reduce the amount of time it takes to input tax return information; and make the managing and reviewing of returns a seamless and pain-free activity.

Managing Your Practice with Lacerte

In these videos you will learn how to use tools and features that enable you to run your practice more efficiently and effectively. You will learn how to use Lacerte filters and reports that quickly provide you with the information you need about your clients and your practice.