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You can use the "Download Next Year's ProSeries Product" feature within your 2013 ProSeries program to easily download and install the first tax year 2014 product when it becomes available. View Steps to use this feature

You can easily download additional tax products and updates from within your ProSeries tax program when they become available. (Go to the Update menu in ProSeries and select Update Installed Products.) View Steps to update and download in ProSeries

If you are unable to download next year's product from within your current ProSeries tax program, Click Here to get available manual downloads for products you have purchased.

Important Note: You Must First Renew your 2014 ProSeries before downloading the product. The Tax Year 2014 product downloads will only be visible on your My ProSeries download page when a 2014 ProSeries order is present on your account.

Tax Year 2015
Tax year 2015 release dates are coming soon.

Tax Year 2014

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