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Forms Added — NEW

Our biggest priority is to improve our core product. See the new forms that we've added to ProSeries.

Financial Institution Download — EXPANDED

Included as part of ProSeries Fast Path, Financial Institution Download reduces time on data entry through direct download of 1099 and W-2 information from financial institutions. Expanded service for Tax Year 2014 brings our total number of banks and payroll providers to over 230. Click here to view the full list of providers.

Printing — IMPROVED

To offer you more convenience, the following 1040 Return enhancements to printing were implemented:

  • General print options now has a PCL 5 Optimized checkbox which speeds up printing when you are using the latest PCL 5 print driver for your printer. Click here for more information.
  • A 'Display PDF after save' option was added to the print center enabling you to open the pdf of a return from within ProSeries using the default PDF viewer in windows. After opening and viewing the PDF, you can print directly from the view.
  • The print button has been added back to the Supporting Statements window.
  • Print preview functionality is available to save paper when printing. View the 'selected forms' or copies of the return before you print, and unselect any pages you wish to exclude from printing.

Intuit eSignature — NEW

New IRS Guidance for form 8879 helps you to stop chasing your "problem" clients for signed documents this tax season. Intuit eSignature (powered by DocuSign) is IRS compliant and helps you to get signed 8879 forms back faster - eliminating your client's need to fax, scan, hand-deliver or email the form back to you. Plus Intuit eSignature securely and seamlessly integrates with ProSeries so you don't have to change your workflow. Sold separately. A free eSignature trial has been included in your software, but for bundle pricing, please call 800-765-7777. Learn more here.

Document Management — NEW

Now you have the choice of two comprehensive solutions to help you save money and space in a paperless environment.   Both of these document management systems are seamlessly integrated with ProSeries, and each gives you the ability to quickly and easily capture, manage and share almost any type of client information.

  • ProSeries DMS: Work more efficiently by scanning and storing source documents and client returns. Documents are stored on your local hard drive. View, edit or email information instantly from your PC. Sold separately. Coming soon!
  • SmartVault for Intuit ProSeries: Enjoy the convenience of anytime, anywhere access to this document management system. Access files from any computer, browser or mobile device. A secure client portal with your custom branding makes it easy to share tax information with clients. Sold separately. Free 30 day trial. For more information, click here.

Intuit Personal Pro — NEW

To help you attract new clients, we're providing you with our new online referral service, Intuit Personal Pro. This service matches taxpayers with qualified CPAs and EAs to help you grow your practice through new clients. Signing up is free and the program is flexible so you can scale it to meet your needs or you can turn the service off if you get too busy. We also handle payment collections and processing so you can focus on the return while we handle the rest. For more info click here.

Intuit's Tax Referral Program — NEW

The best gift you can give a friend is a good referral — so why not refer a friend to Intuit. And to show your friend how much we appreciate your referral, we'll be sure to give them the best deal possible on our professional tax offerings. Further, as "thank you" to you for sending them our way, we'll give you $250. Visit here for more information and complete offer details.

Training Videos — NEW

To help you get the most out of your software, click here to learn about the top in-product features such as 'Line Sensitive Help', Client Analyzer, and more. Plus, visit this web site for a comprehensive list of CE and self-guided courses, and resources.

ProSeries Refund Transfer Program — NEW

For every funded Refund Transfer you file above and beyond last year we'll give you back $10. Refer a friend who becomes a customer and we'll pay you $10 per refund transfer on all your TY'15 RTs. Put your client's eligible IRS refund onto a new American Express Serve® Reloadable Prepaid Card through ProSeries and you can earn an additional $15. All this and you pay NO additional RT processing fees above the flat rate $35 bank set-up fee.

Refund Option with American Express Serve®NEW

Earn $15 for every eligible IRS refund added onto a new American Express Serve® Card.

American Express Serve is a Reloadable Prepaid Card that offers your clients quick and easy access to their IRS refunds:

  • FREE ATM withdrawals at over 24,000 ATMs
  • FREE Direct Deposit
  • FREE Online Bill Payment

All for $1 per month. Click here to Enroll now.