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Fixed Asset Manager

Fixed Asset Manager

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ProSeries® Fixed Asset Manager

The fixed asset accounting software from ProSeries allows you to easily track assets and calculate your clients' depreciation automatically.

ProSeries Fixed Asset Manager is available as a compatible add-on solution for ProSeries Professional or stand-alone software. It includes:

  • Separate values for book and tax depreciation
  • Ability to track asset purchases and sales throughout the year
  • Different Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) depreciation methods
  • Reporting for client property tax return
  • Easy-to-understand depreciation schedule (including categories) along with tax returns
  • Toll-free U.S.-based technical support
  • Service and delivery


With ProSeries fixed asset accounting software, you can:

  • Split an asset into two or more new assets
  • Print monthly depreciation reports
  • Change information for multiple assets at one time
  • Calculate depreciation and track an unlimited number of fixed assets quickly
  • Transfer asset data to any ProSeries federal tax program
  • Import assets from ProSeries tax software, and automatically create ProSeries Fixed Asset Manager clients containing assets previously keyed into the tax program
  • Group assets by common categories and those you define
  • Calculate depreciation on up to six different asset bases: book, federal, state, Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), Adjusted Current Earnings (ACE) and custom
  • Create your own reports with Report Wizard
  • Use over 35 predefined reports, including General Ledger (G/L) reconciliation, personal property projection and several depreciation reports
  • Set up a client template so you only enter common general ledger account numbers and categories once
  • Print tax worksheets for Forms 4562, 4626 and 4797
  • Run Section 179 expense tests and mid-quarter determinations and calculations
  • Automatically calculate tax preference amounts, prior-year depreciation, and gains and losses on asset sales
  • Project depreciation through the life of an asset
  • Copy assets from within a company or from one company to another
  • Calculate interim depreciation
  • Perform all listed property and luxury auto calculations and limitations
  • Ensure accuracy with built-in safeguards to validate entries
  • Customize the data entry screen to remove unused field