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For those that demand the best — Lacerte helps you finish even the most
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Perfect for tax and accounting firms with individual and business clients, Lacerte Tax helps professionals complete
far more returns in far less time. From helping you move data seamlessly across your accounting and tax workflow
to speeding you through preparation, Lacerte helps you finish faster.
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Training Videos

Tap into the Lacerte video library. From key features to program/firm setup and practice management, access Lacerte video training for guidance on these topics and much more.

Exclusive QuickBooks Accountant Integration

Lacerte SmartMap reduces time-consuming prep work and data entry by importing your QuickBooks Accountant trial balance data directly into Lacerte.

  • Automatically assigns tax fields to your trial balance accounts
  • Balances are imported into a safe place so corrections can be made prior to posting balances to the return
  • Build your own custom database by automatically saving new assignments. Complete one client and almost all your other returns are done
  • Drag and drop unmappable fields from QuickBooks directly onto the tax form
  • And, the Export Billing Information to QuickBooks tool exports Lacerte billing amounts to QuickBooks
With 90% of my business clients using QuickBooks, SmartMap and the ability to import data directly into Lacerte from QuickBooks Accountant is the number one reason I buy Lacerte. The time savings on inputting data manually versus a seamless data transfer have significantly impacted my productivity. And the peace of mind that I get as a reviewer from knowing that the data is accurate significantly impacts my sanity during a busy tax season. If your clients use QuickBooks, then SmartMap and the seamless export of data from QuickBooks Accountant to Lacerte are must-have tools."

- Jaysson Gurwell, CPA
Lacerte tax user for 14 years and a QuickBooks ProAdvisor since 2002

Lacerte's Unique Interface

Unique interface speeds you through tax preparation helping you complete more returns in a day.

  • All clients can be seen at once with customizable columns
  • Flat worksheet-based design enables fast heads-down data input
  • Direct access to forms, diagnostics, print functions and more reduces unnecessary clicks
  • Logically set up to match the common flow of a tax return resulting in easy to learn and use
  • Quickly review inputs using tab design

Calculations and Diagnostics

Calculations, diagnostics, and more designed to help you to prepare accurate returns.

  • Comprehensive form sets and deep, automated calculations help give you the confidence to prepare even the toughest individual and business returns correctly
    • Consolidated corporations, oil and gas capabilities, robust multi-state processing, Schedule J calculations-farming, partial dispositions, Deep AMT calculations, special allocations for partnerships, depreciation calculations and more
  • Extensive diagnostics, including specific e-File error checking, helps uncover mistakes and omissions resulting in fewer e-File and IRS rejections
  • Gives quick access from error screen to input field to correct issue

Fast, Reliable e-Filing

New and improved e-Filing helps you save significant time transmitting returns

  • Built-in, integrated e-Filing for supported individual and business form sets
  • Streamlined e-File wizard makes it easy to quickly transmit returns, particularly when reviewing and fixing validation errors
  • Ability to verify transmission through online Lacerte account
  • Lacerte e-File Atlas provides a wealth of real-time Federal and State e-File information
  • Guarantee of a successful e-File experience1

Lacerte helps you stay up-to-date with the IRS e-File mandate. Go to the e-File Resource Center to see how you can file faster and stay IRS compliant.

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Missing Client Data Utility

Missing Client Data Utility reduces the hassle of tracking down client data.

Allows you to flag input fields that are missing information and then quickly send an email to clients requesting the required information. Simply flag input fields in the detail screens while reviewing a return, and then when you receive information back from your client, you can jump directly to the input fields from within the Missing Data tool.

Schedule D Import Wizard

The Schedule D Import Wizard saves time with fast transfer of client brokerage statements directly into Lacerte.

Simplify entering stock transactions from a Microsoft Excel or CSV (comma separated value) file into the Schedule D. The import Wizard guides you through assigning the information from the Excel or CSV file to input fields and automatically creates the necessary Schedule D form.

Bookmark PDF

(Included at no additional cost. Available in Tax Year 2014): Bookmarks are PDF navigational tools that allow you to quickly locate and link to points of interest within a PDF document. One of Lacerte's most requested features is the ability to create a bookmarked PDF. This new feature is now available whenever you print a .pdf, regardless of where it is stored (e.g. DMS, SmartVault, your own harddrive, etc.).

Direct Download from Financial Institutions (W-2, 1099)

Lacerte's financial institution download service, which is included with your Lacerte Fast Path license, allows you to reduce the time you spend on data entry by downloading 1099 and W-2 information directly from the financial institution or payroll provider into your client's tax return.  Import client W-2s from more than 50 payroll providers, including ADP and Intuit. Download client 1099 information from more than 100 brokerage and financial institutions into Lacerte.

Improved Email PDF

We've improved the ability to email a link to an encrypted PDF to your tax payer. We've heard from our customers and responded. You can now email a copy of the tax return and it will be available anytime from anywhere on any device for your client.

Reliable Multi-User Performance

Reliable multi-user performance doesn't slow your networked staff down.

  • Networking capabilities helps the software perform at a consistently high basis, whether you're running on a single PC or over a multi-user network
  • Set preferences, including invoice scheduling, across entire firm for uniform processing
  • No time-consuming workarounds and billing errors for firms who use multiple preparer license files as Lacerte recognizes unique firm IDs, and downloads and assigns the correct prep files automatically

Return Summaries and Multiple Printing Options and Reports

Return summaries and multiple printing options and reports makes it easy to review and provide a professional output.

  • Conveniently view all forms and documents exactly as they will print in their finished form
  • Practice and Client Summary Reports inform your business decisions
  • Single-page summary of each client, including a list of forms and schedules produced
  • Quantities of each form prepared, average income of clients, total billings, and more

Tax Analysis and Planning Tools

Tax analysis and planning tools help you easily exceed client expectations with consultative tax services to add value.

Sold as part of the Lacerte Tax Bundles, Lacerte offers integrated client service tools to help you be the hero to your clients and provide services beyond just the basics of a tax return.

  • Lacerte Tax Planner allows you to quickly provide customized strategies to help clients reduce their future tax liability
  • Lacerte Tax Analyzer helps you advise your clients on how new tax laws will impact their financial health, plus it will red flag amounts on the tax return that are more likely to trigger an IRS audit

Like-Kind Exchange Wizard

Like-Kind Exchange Wizard helps you record 1031 exchange transactions in minutes, not hours.

Lacerte Like-Kind Exchange Wizard turns a complicated, time-consuming process into just a few fast and simple steps. Plus, it can automatically create a new asset for the basis of the property received.

Trial Balance Utility

Save time during the busiest part of the tax season, using Lacerte Trial Balance Utility.

Execute your most important trial balance work from within the Lacerte tax program. Develop chart of accounts, adjust journal entries, and manage tax line assignments. Trial balance work stays with that client and carries over from year to year.

What you can do with Lacerte Trial Balance Utility:

Import data from many sources including Excel, QuickBooks Accountant, and EasyACCT Write-up.2

  • Help save significant time with client data that carries over from year to year
  • SmartMap technology automatically maps many of your tax line assignments
  • Print reports to Lacerte Document Management System for electronic storage

Getting Started with Lacerte Trial Balance Utility:

Since Trial Balance Utility is launched within Lacerte Tax, you won't have to learn how to use a new product. Lacerte Trial Balance Utility shares client data with your Lacerte Tax client list, so there's no extra company setup. Layout matches the easy-to-navigate tab design of Lacerte Tax. See data the way you're used to seeing it. Get easy-to-read screens that display prior year balances — as well as book and tax adjustments. Mouse-over adjustments to see a journal entry source, or double-click an adjustment and jump right to a journal entry.


Included at no additional charge for Unlimited Tax customers for tax year 2013.

Collect exactly the information you need from each client faster, for less money, and with fewer hassles using customized emailed tax analysis software, instead of paper ones.

What you can do with Lacerte e-Organizer:

  • Make life simpler for your staff and your clients with simple-to-use electronic checklists and questionnaires
  • Help save the time and expense of printing, assembling, and mailing paper organizers
  • Maintain security with password-protected files for your clients' eyes only
  • Decrease data-entry errors by transferring approved figures directly onto the correct tax forms and lines in Lacerte Tax with no typing

Distribute Hundreds of Organizers Instantly:

From within Lacerte Tax software, an e-Organizer Wizard helps you send email letters, questionnaires and forms to clients. Each package includes a unique link that downloads a personalized, password-protected, executable file right to your client's desktop. The e-Organizer contains everything they need, including an introduction, instructions on how to use the organizer, FAQs, and the ability to write questions for you to answer, and download tax documents right into the organizer.

Getting Started with Lacerte e-Organizer:

This automated program is simple to use. From within Lacerte Tax software, just access the e-Organizer Wizard which steps you through the process of selecting a complete organizer or specific pages tailored to your clients' unique needs. As soon as your clients complete the forms, they just click a button to email the completed document back to you.