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Lacerte 1040 Tax Planner and Analyzer

1040 Tax Planner and Analyzer



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Lacerte® Tax Planner

Provide year-round, sophisticated tax planning with Lacerte tax preparation software tools.

Lacerte Tax Planner helps you easily create customized tax-minimizing strategies that help you save clients money, plus instills trust and confidence in them. Build stronger relationships with your clients by showing them how to decrease their tax liability.

What you can do with Lacerte Tax Planner

  • Increase your value to clients by offering custom tax planning services
  • Compare multiple, complex scenarios using actual current and future tax rates
  • Easily generate custom graphs, reports and letters to communicate tax plans

Easily project your client's future tax liability under multiple scenarios

Instead of rough estimates, give your clients data based on actual current and future state and federal tax rates built into Tax Planner. Generate four types of tax plans: a year/case analysis, difference analysis, Married Filing Jointly/Married Filing Separately comparison, and adjustment analysis.

Getting Started with Lacerte Tax Planner

Export client data directly from your Lacerte Tax software Individual/1040 files. There's no need to re-enter it in Lacerte Tax Planner, and you'll be able to work with the most up-to-date data.