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Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Assisted Service

Intuit QuickBooks® Payroll Assisted Service

Reduce your QuickBooks clients' payroll tax risks by letting Intuit file their tax payments and forms

  • Get started easily with expert support
  • Pay employees in just three clicks
  • We do your payroll taxes for you
  • No tax penalties - guaranteed2
  • Free live support from payroll experts3

"I recommend Intuit QuickBooks® Payroll Assisted to my clients often because the return on investment is guaranteed. Assisted allows companies to use the full job costing capabilities of QuickBooks, tying paychecks to employees' time. And with the really high-quality, unlimited support from Intuit, you really can't beat the price."

- Shelly Robbins, The QuickSource

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Why Recommend QuickBooks Payroll Assisted Service?

Here's why Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Assisted is the right payroll solution for your clients:

  • Give your clients many of the benefits of outsourced payroll at a fraction of the cost
  • Recommend with confidence. 4 out of 5 customers would recommend Intuit QuickBooks® Payroll Assisted to other small businesses4
  • Intuit QuickBooks® Payroll Assisted service handles tax payments and tax forms for your clients. No tax penalties — guaranteed2
  • Intuit provides live payroll support for your clients — so you don't have to
  • Save yourself and your clients time, Assisted is right within QuickBooks. No more re-entering data, all transactions are right within QuickBooks so quarter-end/year-end reconciliation is a breeze
  • Assisted supports job costing — a huge time savings versus outsourcers like ADP and Paychex

Assisted is right for your clients if:

  • You or your clients are looking for many of the benefits of outsourced payroll at a lower cost
  • Your clients are new employers and are less confident about managing payroll
  • You or your clients use QuickBooks


See how Intuit's payroll service can help you manage payroll

See how Intuit's payroll service can help you manage payroll

1) Easily pay employees within QuickBooks

Simply enter your employee hours in QuickBooks and create paychecks in just a few clicks. Conveniently print paychecks yourself or use Direct Deposit (additional fees apply). New to Payroll? Don't worry. Payroll Assisted is easy to use. An Intuit payroll specialist is even available to walk you through your first payroll so you can be confident it's done right. Plus, you'll have live phone support if you have any questions.3

2) Intuit handles tax payments and files forms for you, guaranteed

Once you've paid employees, we do the rest. Intuit handles your tax payments and files tax forms for you, guaranteed accurate and on time. You can save time and don't have to worry about dealing with the government. If a tax issue does come up, we'll work with the tax agency to help resolve it for you.2

Payroll Assisted is the solution that allows you to do what you do best — run your business. Here's how Intuit helps take care of the hard parts for you:

  • Guides you step-by-step through payroll setup and running your first payroll, if you need it
  • Handles payroll taxes and filings for you — guaranteed accurate and on time2
  • Automatically integrates your payroll information into QuickBooks
  • Prepares your employees' year-end W-2s5
  • Provides phone support from dedicated payroll specialists3

Features and Benefits

Save time and don't worry about payroll taxes and filings, while still having the control of paying employees yourself.

Get started easily with help from a payroll specialist

An Intuit payroll specialist is available to guide you step-by-step through the payroll setup process

Have tax payments and filings done for you

  • Intuit handles your payroll taxes and filings for you
  • Our "No Penalties" guarantee means your payroll taxes and filings are guaranteed accurate and on time2
  • If a tax issue does come up, an Intuit specialist will work with the tax agency to help resolve it for you2

Easily pay employees yourself

Easily pay employees in just a few clicks within QuickBooks — print checks yourself or use convenient Direct Deposit (additional fees apply)

Seamless integration with QuickBooks...great for job costing

  • No double data entry — because you enter your employees' hours directly in QuickBooks, all your payroll data is automatically integrated in QuickBooks
  • Effortlessly track job costs and profitability by project
  • All your payroll data is at your fingertips, so you can instantly understand labor costs and run reports anytime
  • Easily access your federal and state payroll tax returns and W-2s online, anytime5

Get expert support when you need it

Get phone support from an Intuit payroll specialist so it's easy to call us if you need help. Our dedicated payroll specialists can answer all of your payroll questions.3

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Important disclaimers, disclosures and notes
  1. Requires an active payroll subscription, High-Speed Internet access (no dial up), Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and QuickBooks Simple Start, Pro or Premier 2010 or newer, or Enterprise 10.0 or higher (all sold separately) updated to the most current maintenance release. Not compatible with QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks for Mac. Additional fees apply for Direct Deposit. Additional per pay check fees may apply. Check stock sold separately. Plus sales tax where applicable. Worker's Compensation tracking & reports feature is not available with Simple Start. Prices vary depending on number of employees, frequency of payroll and number of states in which you file payroll taxes. 24/7 access is subject to occasional downtime.
  2. Our "No Penalties" guarantee means your payroll taxes and filings are guaranteed accurate and on time, provided that the data you provide is accurate, on time and your account is sufficiently funded.
  3. Available Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Pacific Time.
  4. Based on customers surveyed.
  5. Print W-2s yourself, or Intuit can print and deliver to you for an additional fee.
  6. Plus $4 per employee per pay period.