Multi-Instance Restrictions

Multi-Instance available only in QuickBooks Accountant 2011, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Accountant 11.0, and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 11.0. Does not allow the same QuickBooks file to be open concurrently, must be two different QuickBooks files. The following features are not available in second instance: QuickBooks Messenger, payroll. The following features are unavailable in both instances: unlocking or purchasing additional features/seats, TurboTax integration, Intuit Data Services setup, applications that use the Intuit Software Development Kit (SDK) to communicate with QuickBooks. The following features are available in one of the two instances: multi-user mode, file hosting, QuickBooks Help and Live Community. Other features not listed above are impacted and additional restrictions apply in either the first instance, second instance or both instances. See below for a list of restrictions.

Restricted in both instances

Restricted in one instance
(at the users choice)

Restricted in 2nd instance

From the Accountant Menu, the following are unavailable:
  • Manage Fixed Assets
  • Financial Statement Designer
  • Intuit Statement Writer
  • Export Balances to Lacerte Tax
Multi-user hosting if using a local PC in Multi-instance mode as a QuickBooks file server From the Company Menu the following are unavailable:
  • Advanced Service Administration
  • Alerts Manager
  • Customer Credit Card Protection
  • Manage Currency
  • Prepare Letters with Envelopes
    • Set Up Budgets
    • Set Up Forecasts
    • Cash Flow Projector
Access points using the embedded browser within QuickBooks are unavailable   From the Banking Menu the following access points are unavailable:
  • Order Checks and Envelopes
  • Online Banking
    • Set Up Account for Online Services
    • Import Web Connect File
    • Create Online Banking Message
    • Participating Financial Institutions
    • Learn about online bill payments
    • Change Online Banking Mode
    • Banking->Loan Manager
All Intuit Partner Platform (IPP) applications are unavailable    
The following activities are unavailable:
  • Product registration
  • Manage My License
  • Add additional seats to the product license
  Password setup for Credit Card Protection
Intuit Data Service setup and Reset is unavailable   From the File Menu the following are unavailable:
  • Shipping
    • Ship FedEx Package
    • Ship UPS Package
    • FedEx Shipping Options
      • Track or Cancel a Shipment
      • Settings
    • UPS Shipping Options
      • Track or Cancel a Shipment
      • Settings
  • Utilities
    • Synchronize Contacts
    • Convert
    • Export
    • Utilities
      • Import
  • Update Web
Internet connection setup   From the Customers Menu the following are unavailable:
  • Add Credit Card Processing
  • Add Electronic Check Processing
  • Link Payment Service to Company File
  • Receive Payments
    • Add Credit Card Processing
    • Add eCheck Processing
  • Customer Center
    • Collections Center
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Add Mobile Payment Processing
From the Company Menu the following is unavailable
  • Planning & Budgeting
    • Use Business Plan Tool
  The Customize Design and Layout option found under the Customize icon on the following forms is unavailable:
  • Create Estimates
  • Create Purchase Orders
  • Create Sales Orders
  • Create Invoices
  • Create Credit Memos/Refunds
  • Enter Sales Receipts
Applications using the Intuit Software Development Kit are unavailable. For a complete list of applications go to   The following Payroll services are unavailable:
  • My Payroll Service
  • Pay Employees
  • Create Termination Check
  • Start Scheduled Payroll
  • Edit payment Due Dates/Methods
  • Edit Filing Methods
  • Setup Worker's Comp
Transferring data between QuickBooks and Lacerte, ProSeries, or TurboTax software   Printer setup is unavailable
Automatic QuickBooks updates are not available   QuickBooks Help & Live Community is unavailable
    QuickBooks Messenger is unavailable
    From the Employees Menu the following are unavailable:
  • My Payroll Service
    From the List Menu the following are unavailable
  • Templates
    From the Help Menu the following are unavailable
  • Year End Guide
  • New Business Checklist