It's here! QuickBooks Accountant Desktop PLUS 2015

Experience our best ever desktop accounting solution designed exclusively
for accountants. Client Collaborator saves you time by tracking client
conversations inside QuickBooks. Accountant Toolbox improves
productivity by giving you access to accountant features from your client's QuickBooks.

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QuickBooks Accountant Desktop PLUS 2015

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QuickBooks Accountant

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Time-Saving Features

Client Collaborator
How great would it be if you could ask a client a question about a transaction and see
their response within QuickBooks? It's more than great and it's called the Client Collaborator.

video length: 1:00

Ask a question while you review a transaction — then send all the questions in one click.
See your questions and client's answers in one place to minimize the back and forth.
Easily prompt clients to respond to open questions with one simple click.

Learn More about Client Collaborator

Accountant Toolbox (new for 2015!)

Wherever you go, carry your favorite tools

video length: 1:50

Unlock access to powerful accountant tools on the go from wherever you are:
  • A client's office
  • A remote access situation
  • A hosted set up
Use the toolbox directly from your client's QuickBooks Pro or Premier software6 to:
  • Write off multiple invoices in one screen
  • Batch enter and reclassify transactions
  • Fix incorrectly recorded sales tax payments

More features that boost efficiency

More data and fewer entries
Use Batch Enter Transactions to enter multiple transactions into
QuickBooks from Excel on one screen built for speed.

NEW! Send portable company file
Clients can easily send you a
portable company file directly from
QuickBooks — no need for you
to teach and troubleshoot.8
See it in action
NEW! Insights on Home Page
Home page access to crucial client
data like profit and loss, and income
and expenses, without having
to run reports.
See it in action
NEW! Time and Expenses
A Time and Expenses block is now
inside the Income Tracker.
View unbilled hours and take
immediate action.

Batch Entry
Improve productivity by entering
100+ bills and invoices on one screen.
See what you can enter.

Import in Bulk
Paste 1,000+ transactions from Excel
and spend the time you save
on 1,000+ other things.

Faster Data Entry
Easily add or delete fields
to create your perfect data entry screen.
Find and fix client errors faster
See how you'll spend less time
with checking transactions.

Reassign checks in clicks
Instantly identify checks written
from the wrong account and reassign
to the right bank account.

Handle bounced checks with ease
This new tool marks invoices unpaid,
makes appropriate adjustments,
and helps charge a "bounced check fee".
Send journal entries directly from QuickBooks
Make journal entries simple for you and your clients
- no PDFs, print outs or file transfers needed.

Email entries
Attach Journal Entries to ready-made
emails that you and your clients
can collaborate on.

Import with a click
Eliminates messy file transfers for you
and simplifies the service
you provide your clients.

Now for Mac clients too!
Clients can simply click
to import entries directly
to their Mac or PC.
That's not all we've updated. Want to see more?

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More features designed exclusively for you

Work while clients work
Accountant's Copy lets your client work
on the current period while you adjust
a prior period, all at the same time.3
See it in action

2 Files at Once
With Multi-Instance you can work on multiple
files, compare relevant accounts and easily
switch back and forth between clients.4
See it in action

8 QuickBooks in 1
Harness the power of 8 QuickBooks editions
in one master program and easily collaborate
with any client running any QuickBooks.5
A faster way to find and fix client errors

If there was a Swiss Army knife for accountants, it would look a lot like
the Client Data Review tool found only in QuickBooks Accountant Desktop.

See Client Data Review in action  >

Reclassify hundreds of
transactions at once

Check transactions you want
to reclassify from a list
and simply select
the new account.

Write off multiple invoices
on one screen

Write-off multiple invoices
in seconds and automatically
handle sales tax
with a memo.

Fix incorrectly recorded
sales tax payments

Instantly see when clients
use regular checks instead of
Sales Tax Checks
and easily convert them.

Quickly troubleshoot
inventory issues

Easily spot inventory
discrepancies and adjust
inventory items
with a few clicks.

This is just the beginning. Want to see more?

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What's the difference
between QuickBooks Accountant Desktop
and QuickBooks Accountant Desktop PLUS?

QuickBooks Accountant 2015 PLUS
PLUS Includes QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Software
When you subscribe to PLUS, you receive QuickBooks Accountant Desktop 2015 as well as automatic upgrades if and when they become available.
QuickBooks Accountant 2015 PLUS: Accountant Copy
PLUS has features you don't get with Desktop
  • Client Collaborator
  • Accountant Toolbox
  • Accountants Copy File Transfer Service

So with PLUS, you get everything you love about QuickBooks Accountant Desktop..PLUS robust cloud-based tools to save you even more time.

See all the differences between QuickBooks Accountant Desktop and Desktop PLUS

Have questions? See our FAQ

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QuickBooks Accountant Desktop PLUS1

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1 User

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3 Users

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Additional user versions
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3 Users

per year

Call to buy
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Additional user versions
available during check-out

What's included in QuickBooks Accountant Desktop 2015 PLUS?

Accountant Desktop Software
Accountants Copy
File Transfer Service
Accountant Toolbox

QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Version
One-time payment

1 User

one time payment
1 User

one time payment

Call to buy
(888) 236-9501
3 Users

one time payment
Additional user versions
available during check-out
3 Users

one time payment

Call to buy
(888) 236-9501
Additional user versions
available during check-out

What's included in QuickBooks Accountant Desktop 2015 version?


60 day money back guarantee: If you are not satisfied with QuickBooks Accountant Desktop for any reason,
simply call (888) 250-7279 within 60 days of your dated receipt/purchase confirmation for a full refund of the purchase.

Running QuickBooks Accountant Desktop

See what it takes to run QuickBooks Accountant Desktop

  • Windows Vista SP2, 7 SP1 or 8.1 Update 1 (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2003 SP2 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, 2012 R2 or Windows Small Business Server 2008/2011 (64-bit) recommended for multi user
  • 2.4 GHz processor
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 1.5 GB disk space recommended
  • 1024x768 or higher screen resolution, extended monitor is supported
  • 4x DVD-ROM drive
  • Online features require Internet access
  • Product registration required

  • Microsoft Word and Excel integration requires Office 2007, 2010, 2013, or Office 365 (32 and 64 bit)
  • QuickBooks Statement Writer requires Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 (inc 64-bit)
  • Synchronization with Outlook requires QuickBooks Contact Sync for Office 2007, 2010 (downloadable for free at:
  • E-mail Estimates, Invoices and other forms with Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, GmailTM, Yahoo! Mail®, and Hotmail®
  • Compatible with QuickBooks Point of Sale version 10.0 - 12.0
  • Transfer data from Peachtree 2009–2011; Microsoft Office Accounting 2006–2009 using free tool available at
  • Transfer data directly from Quicken 2013 - 2015, QuickBooks 4.0-14.0 and Microsoft Excel 2007-2013

  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11

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Why is QuickBooks Professional Bookkeeper being discontinued?

As with any business, Intuit strives to balance the value offered in our products with the costs of doing business. After offering QuickBooks Professional Bookkeeper in 2012 and 2013, we determined that the majority of customers prefer the broader range of accounting features such as those included in QuickBooks Accountant. As a result of this customer preference, we are discontinuing QuickBooks Professional Bookkeeper.

What should I do if I have QuickBooks Professional Bookkeeper 2012/2013?

You don't need to do anything. Per our Discontinuation Policy, we will offer support and add-on services for QuickBooks Professional Bookkeeper 2012 until 2014 and QuickBooks Professional Bookkeeper 2013 until 2015.

What should I do if I was planning on purchasing the most recent version
of QuickBooks Professional Bookkeeper?

Unfortunately, QuickBooks Professional Bookkeeper is no longer available for purchase. We encourage you to learn more about QuickBooks Accountant 2014 and determine if this product will meet your accounting and bookkeeping needs. Information about QuickBooks Accountant 2014, including several new features, is available here.

I have additional questions. Who can I talk to?

You can contact customer support at (888) 236-9501 for more help.

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